Types of Lawn

There are numerous species of  grasses: ornamental grasses, grass for leisure areas or sport fields, flowered grasses… You have a wide choice… This guide will help you choosing the right grass for your lawn.Ornamental grasses

Made of species with fine leaves with high quality of tining, the fine aspect of the ornamental grasses highlights clumps or constructions. We also call them “English lawn grasses”. Please to the eye, they can be cut very short and need good care: sufficient watering, regular manuring because of the low development of leaves the rooting system is weak; the plant has therefore little resource. These are made of various grasses such as red fescues, species of high quality. The ornamental lawn grasses are made to last.
Sport fields

To achieve sport fields, the choice will be made amongst lawn grasses resisting to intense foot traffic. The most important is strength, the aesthetics aspect being of secondary importance. To meet the growing requirements of the various species included in these lawns, it is necessary to fix the height of cut to 50mm. The grass has to resist to both foot traffic and uprootings.
Leisure lawn grasses

To meet various constraints, these grasses need to be made of the best and the most reliable species. Versatile, they need to be quite ornamental but also strong enough to resist to foot traffic. The height of cut will be a bit higher than for the ornamental lawn grasses, around 30mm would be fine to help the roots to better develop.
Flowered grasses

These are not real lawngrasses but made of various species. Sowing these mixtures on an old and damaged is the best way to fail. The seedbed has to be the same as for an usual lawn grass. These are flowered species which cannot suffer foot traffic. It is better to sow them for extensive prairies, at properties’ far end or edges.

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